1. Masking Tape

  2. Double Sided Tape

  3. Opp Packaging Tape

    1. Hot Melt Adhesive

    2. Acrylic Adhesive

    3. Synthetic Rubber

  4. Cloth Tape

  5. Electrical Tape

  6. Printed Tape

  7. PVC Bag Sealing

  8. PVC Duct Tape

  9. Un-reinforced Aluminium Foil

Masking Tape


General Purpose

Used for basic masking or light duty packaging


Hi Performance

Generally used for those more demanding jobs and in most cases can be removed cleanly


Both of these products are available in 18mm, 24mm, 36mm and 48mm


Double Sided Tape


This product is approved under Automotive specifications and has excellent adhesion to most surfaces including leather, fabrics, cardboard, metal, etc. As this tape has high instant adhesion, it is excellent for permanently mounting name plates, signs, displays and has excellent adhesion to most foams. This product has high stretch, long life acrylic adhesive. 


General Purpose

This product is a general purpose 2 sided tape and is good for laminating to foam as well as photography paper. It is hand tearable and is clean and easy to use.


Heavy Duty Rubber

This product is a thick double sided Rayon cloth designed for flooring, orthotics and general laminating to uneven surfaces.